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Beginning  Tuesday, December 5th 2017, AMI  Institute will conduct a weekly Bible Study on Faith at New Life Community Church, 8310 Forest City Road Orlando, FL 32810. Click below to register to attend.

On Saturday, January 20th 2018, AMI Institute is presenting Ministry 101, a free  Introductory Seminar to assist those entering into ministry. at New Life Community Church, 8310 Forest City Road Orlando, FL 32810. Click below to register to attend

New Life Community Church 8310 Forest City Road Orlando, FL 32810

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 The Father’s Gift:
Discovering What Every Believer Receives in Christ 
 This book began as a tool to help teach new believers as they begin their new walk with Christ, it can also be a great refresher course for long time church-goers, bible study groups or even pastoral staffs. Not only will believers get a new understanding of salvation, but they will also be empowered to live a new, victorious and fulfilling life as they walk in their inheritance.
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 The Gospel of the Kingdom
Rediscovering the Core Message of Jesus and the Apostles
What if we rediscovered specifically what Jesus and the apostles preached? Would it make a difference in our lives and our ministries? In these few pages, we will reexamine the Gospel of the Kingdom. We look at the expectations and early misconceptions of Jesus’ first disciples and many today. We also explore the biblical definition of kingdom, its attributes, demonstration, manifestation and currency.
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