Answer Ministries International Inc. (AMI Inc.) is a group of multifaceted ministries and entities committed to one purpose: to promote, publish and proclaim the Kingdom of the Lord Christ Jesus affectively and in excellence in as many forms of media available today. It is unashamedly Christian in its mission and values whether it is a non-profit or for-profit corporation under the AMI Inc. umbrella. It is also the expression of the ministry of S. Lloyd Walters, who for over 40 years has been proclaiming the Gospel of Christ Jesus all over the United States and Internationally.


AMI Institute
AMI Institute provides training in discipleship and equipping in ministry. Our goal is to become an accredited academic environment that is rooted in the gospel of the kingdom of Christ Jesus.
AMI Institute Online School
We have recently created several online classes. Click here for access to our class offerings.

Full Day or Weekend Workshops

  • Back to Basics Discovering what every believer receives in Christ
  • The Gospel of the Kingdom Rediscovering the core Message of Jesus and the Apostles  
  • The New Covenant Understanding the Foundation Of Christ’s Kingdom
  • Kingdom Leadership Toward a Kingdom-based Understanding of Leadership
  • Adam and Eve Male and Female Relationships
  • Waiting Tables Understanding Biblical Ministry
  • The New Israel Toward a Clearer Understanding of New Covenant Israel
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AmCom is our streaming and transmission service that airs our content and broadcasts on the internet and other service providers. Our AmCom Radio app, which is currently available at the Apple App store and Google Play, provides 24-hour Gospel music to cell phones and will soon be expanded to iPads and computers.

AM Productions
AM Productions (AMP) produces the radio, television and streaming broadcasts of the ministry. Our interactive radio broadcast that aired in New Orleans LA, AnswerLine was our first production.
DayBreak Music
DayBreak Music is the for-profit music publishing and production arm of AMI Inc. It an extension if the music ministry of  Michael Sean Walters, son of the founder of AMI Inc.  Sean has been involved in music since he was a child. He has been the musical director for Empowerment Temple, where Dr. Jamal Bryant was the pastor. He is now the Musical Director for Destiny Church in Columbia MD. DayBreak Music will produce and publish music from its artists, singers and TPC worship services. It will also provide music for AMI Inc. entities, church services, concerts, special events and in partnership with other producers.
The King’s Academy
The King’s Academy will be the day care, early learning and after school aspect of each local Praise Center.
Scepter Media LLC
Scepter Media LLC (SMLLC) is a for-profit entity of AMI Inc. It is the film production company of AMI Inc. It owns and houses the scripts for the Scepter series of films to be produced for worldwide distribution. It maintains all merchandising, home video and broadcast rights for the films produced bt SMLLC as well.
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The company also provides audio and video consulting services and sales.
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Scepter Communication Inc.
Scepter Communications Inc. (SCI) is the publishing house of AMI Inc. This non-profit corporation publishes the books written by S. Lloyd Walters and other authors who share the vision and values of AMI Inc. It also produces tracts, instructional pamphlets and content in other media formats for wide use in the body of Christ.
Its first book is The Father’s Gift that was published in September 2016. 
The Gospel of the Kingdom
Rediscovering the Core Message of Jesus and the Apostles
In these few pages, we will reexamine the Gospel of the Kingdom. We look at the expectations and early misconceptions of Jesus’ first disciples and many today. We also explore the biblical definition of kingdom, its attributes, demonstration, manifestation and currency. This book was published in 2017.
The Praise Center of Florida Inc.
The Praise Center of Florida Inc. (TPC) is the church planting and local assembly ministry of AMI Inc. The outreach endeavors of AMI Inc. will develop the need to establish local fellowships in various locations around the country and internationally. TPC is the arm of AMI Inc. that plants, trains leaders (in association with AMI Institute) and establishes local praise ministries in various locations as the Lord directs.
Three Sisters Outreach Inc.
Under Construction